<![CDATA[Real Life in CT - Real Life in CT Blog]]>Thu, 26 Nov 2015 05:03:05 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[2015 year of TinFoil or Reality? series]]>Sat, 24 Jan 2015 13:30:02 GMThttp://reallifeinct.weebly.com/real-life-in-ct-blog/2015-year-of-tinfoil-or-reality-series This will be the first in a series where I will post videos from across the web which deal with the political & biblical topics which many toss out as merely "Tin Foil Hatter" stuff.
In light of the advances in technology & some of the laws being passed in our state & country & world events, some of these books & documentaries & docudramas it is worth taking a 2nd look & reconsider just what is going on.

This is a video based upon a book written by Grant R Jeffrey. It's a couple of years old but the problem is that what has been only "theory" or "speculation" is becoming actual truth right before our eyes.
When we look at books & movies such as this & at our quickly changing state, country & world suddenly the "Tin Foil Hatters" don't look so crazy after all?
The questions then become...
What do we think about it, is it still Tin Foil or Bad Reality or is it something worse? 
After that do we just go along or is there a way for us to either stop, reverse or at least slow down what is happening?
If it's biblical do we do what we can to stop it or do we merely watch knowing that  the bible has some scary prophecies for the world in the "End Times"?

Watch & see what you think Tin Foil or Reality?
Did you notice how many new traffic cameras have been installed in your neighborhood when you went out today?

Shadow Government - Full version from Glenn Gordon on Vimeo.

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This reveals how we have been incrementally conditioned over the years. It should make us realise that since this pattern of events is recorded from the earlier part of the last century, how much more will we be socially engineered in 50 years from now?

It includes the shocking story of how you unwittingly submit the most private and intimate details about every aspect of your life every single day. For example, imagine what a retail loyalty card reveals about you. Each time you scan it, a calculation of every item on your shopping list is done in order to reach the value of your discount voucher. This is an exact record of your weekly shopping routine, so it is predictable what you intend to purchase each week. This information is kept on a database somewhere alongside your photo, which is taken up 300 times per day. This loyalty card provides information on how many people you live with, yours and their daily household routines and lifestyles, your diet, your personal hygiene, your habits, your sex life and sexuality, your hobbies and interests, your job and much much more. Almost every electrical item in your home today has an RFID chip. The documents you printed off or the photos you scanned into your computer are all recorded. As soon as you walk out your front door, every step you take and where you go is on CCTV. Someone knows your home is empty.

While you do your shopping, take a look around you. How many people can you spot who are oblivious to their own surroundings? If you accidentally bump into one of them, the chances are, they won't hear you apologize, since they are cut off from the world through the earpieces, feeding junk or hazardous information to their brains.

However. You could just tell yourself that this is just paranoia, or the programmed response already in circulation, "I have nothing to hide, so I don't care".


<![CDATA[Tall Tales & Rotten Cores in CT]]>Wed, 21 Jan 2015 13:30:01 GMThttp://reallifeinct.weebly.com/real-life-in-ct-blog/tall-tales-rotten-cores-in-ct When BoE & Lawmakers talk about common core they either are grossly misinformed or are outright lying to parents in CT when they promote it as a good thing for our children. 
So far parents in CT as a general whole do not seem to be as knowledgeable about Common Core or aware of how much opposition there is to the program in other states including our big neighbor NY.

I want to give the candidates for governor Jonathan Pelto & Joe Visconti credit for leading the charge to make Common Core part of the Election Year Discussion in 2014. Joe Visconti & the Stop Common Core in CT parent's group were at least successful in forcing an Informational Hearing which the elected officials like Fleishman wanted no part of until they were forced to do so.

The mere fact that the state BoE feel they have to spend tax payer money to try to turn public opinion to accepting poorer standards as being acceptable is more proof that people need to get better educated about common core & start electing people that are going to have their children's best interest at hearts rather than corporations & special interests which are the only people benefiting from common core.

From the sounds of it, the ads are playing more heavily in the urban areas then in the suburbs, have to wonder if they are focusing upon the cities because they fear angry urban parents realizing that Common Core is a giant lie. The state BoE has been telling them almost every distraction except the truth of exactly how bad how low the standards are & how destructive the Common Core program is to students.

Below is a video of one of many forums that parents have put together in NY state in the town of Wallkill. In NY state there are many forums being held by parents & educators to help other parents & educators about just what Common Core is & why it needs to be stopped & kicked out of our schools.
 In CT in the lower portion of the state there are a few parents who are fighting common core & have come together as a group on facebook Stop Common Core in CT. The CT group is growing as more parents are finding them online. 
They have held a couple of forums down in their portion of the state but so far not enough parents in the northern half of the state are aware of the problem or expressed an interest in having a forum yet. 

Hopefully that will change this year and CT's parents in all 169 cities & towns will loudly say NO! & kick out the democrats in our BoEs that are pushing this crap onto our children & keeping our undereducated children disadvantaged & unsuited for college or careers.

There is a Common Core Protest scheduled for Jan 27th 2015 inside at 7pm at the Stamford Board of Ed meeting located on the 5th floor of the Stamford Govt Bldg, 888 Washington Blvd, Stamford CT. To learn more & join the fight http://CTAgainstCommonCore.org If I understood the plans are anyone wanting to show up with signs outside protesting prior to the meeting show up at 6p but check the site & facebook page to confirm that.

The question that CT parents need to start asking is who should they believe, 
the people who are getting paid to promote Common Core (there are local school board members & teachers who were given special training by the state to promote common core & possibly being paid per speaking session) 
or are they going to listen to parents & educators that are spending their own money & time & holding forums to educate other parents & teachers?

Take the time to get educated about Common Core & then call your BoE members & find out where they stand on it & why. Of course even better go attend your BoE meetings & start asking questions - especially if the meetings are videotaped. 
This is an election year for our local cities & towns BoE members as well as Town Councils - make sure you know where the candidates stand on the issue of common core.

Listen to the video while you do other things if you do not have the time to just sit & watch but you do need to pay attention to what is being said by both the parents & Dr Peg Luksik

<![CDATA[#2AClapBack - No More Bullying Accepted]]>Sun, 30 Mar 2014 19:46:04 GMThttp://reallifeinct.weebly.com/real-life-in-ct-blog/2aclapback-no-more-bullying-acceptedPicture
The Political Season is heating up & the political bullies aka liberals & gungrabbers are at it again with their name calling & attacks in both the media & social media against lawful citizens who are exercising ALL of their Constitutionally Protected Civil Rights but lawful gunowners are getting tired of their bullying & starting to say "NO MORE BULLYING ACCEPTED"

If you are tired of the gungrabbers bullying on social media then help send a answer via social media & join the #2AClapBack - CT Carry has responded to the social media bullying by fighting fire with fire & social media tool with social media tool this time

The gungrabbers tried again to violate our constitutionally protected civil rights & were unable to do so & took to the program thunderclap to attempt to make it look like their voice was louder than citizens who exercise all of their rights - they did not expect for the citizens who are tired of their bullying to respond back

In response to this bullying CT Carry has scheduled a response & twice already moved the number up as we reached the 250 & 500 numbers so quickly & now the goal is 750 as CCDL members are joining in & when last checked the #2AClapBack was trending on the 1st page with it's new number of people goal level almost reached with the gungrabbers clap being on the 2nd page with their double accounts posting & only the low goal of 250 people it is quite clear that their voice is not the majority but a bullying minority that uses their money & social status to bully the elected to their will to go against the majority of people who are hard working taxpayers

Add your Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter to our numbers & make it clear that we are tired of having our Civil Rights Violated by liberal bullys & #StandWithCT


<![CDATA[CT Dream Team - Attorney General]]>Sun, 23 Mar 2014 18:17:37 GMThttp://reallifeinct.weebly.com/real-life-in-ct-blog/ct-dream-team-attorney-generalPicture
For the office of Attorney General - Martha Dean was the Dream Team candidate But she has thrown a monkey wrench in the ticket

Martha is a very passionate attorney & is willing to fight for our Constitutional Rights - although she has formally announced that she's running for the office of Governor I do think that she's a better fit for Attorney General & was shocked that she announced she was running for Governor rather than AG office this cycle 

 CT needs a person who is willing to fight for the best interests of our citizens not the united nations agenda or the corporate greed as our current state administration seems to be all for.

Martha has been a defender of our Constitutional Rights as an attorney & Would be a Great AG & would work hard for us as top attorney for the citizens of CT. I do hope that if she is open to being drafted to run for the AG position.

Her entry into the ring for the governor's seat splits the "Liberty" vote; but as AG it strengthens the ticket across the board & ensures that the laws going forward will be looked at through the eyes of the constitutions of both the state of CT & the country. 

I do hope that she is willing to be drafted into the position of Attorney General where we know that she has in the past pulled 44% of the votes. I can not support her in the position of Governor Candidate but should she run for the position of Attorney General I am very willing to support her.

Now I worry for CT because we need to find a candidate that holds the Constitutions of both the state & country to be of high value to fight for & not cave into the pressure to be enslaved by the United Nations Agendas that the Democrats here in CT have been ramming down our throats at both the state level as well as at the town level

<![CDATA[democrats cheer bullying?]]>Mon, 03 Mar 2014 06:52:40 GMThttp://reallifeinct.weebly.com/real-life-in-ct-blog/democrats-cheer-bullying I wish our governor would fight against the united nations agenda 21 & fight for our children & families in the same manner in which he attacked Governor Jindal

CT is on almost every "Bad/Worst" Top 10 List that is posted but when hearing the truth about the direction our country is going instead of admitting that our country is in dire straits he decides to attack the messenger

The discussion on CT Capitol Report about how Gov Malloy acted was interesting in that the reality of how bad our state is was glossed over with the 2 democrats on the panel cheer leading his bad behavior. 

Aren't we supposed to be having no tolerance for children bullying at school? What kind of example is that to have on national tv to rudely push a fellow man aside just because you disagree with the truth that he has to say?

Tim Dudchik showed several clips from the week contrasting how Jindal discussed the exchange but Malloy was steady & ready for the attack 

It amazes me how the democrat talking heads can sit in front of tv cameras & not feel bad about how they are misleading the public with their double talk & loudness & name calling; how can they lie with such ease & feel no guilt? Unfortunately our nation too often chases after young & pretty & irresponsibility instead truth, hard thinking & substance; I mean don't they take the time to do simple math or research, elections in recent years have shown apparently not?

Sigh I hope that people start waking up & as they do; each one teach one & reach one more so that we can work together to turn this once great nation around